First meeting of the Archis SEE network and public presentations of member initiatives as part of the conference »Operation: City 2008« in Zagreb, Croatia, in December 2008

An initiative of Archis Interventions

Supported by ERSTE Stiftung

ERSTE Stiftung

Archis SEE Network: A network of independent urban initiatives in South Eastern Europe

In cooperation with local initiatives launched by architects, planners, artists, urbanists, sociologists and other professionals engaged in the process of improving various political and social dimensions of the urban environment, Archis Interventions intends to establish a network in South Eastern Europe and thereby to foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices, to integrate the issues discussed in international discourse on urbanism, and to support local initiatives.

The task of creating a sustainable urban environment and maintaining architectural values cannot be left entirely to local authorities and international organisations: civic society stakeholders also have a crucial role to play. Artistic interventions, political lobby groups and independent initiatives launched by architects and urbanists have already redrawn the boundaries of urban development: sustainable concepts from and for the community are now irrevocably on the political agenda. By mediating between the private and public spheres in support of concrete development proposals, the Archis SEE Network intends to build on what has been achieved to date and help take grass-root demands from the drawing board through to completion.

The Archis SEE network was initiated by Kai Vöckler, on behalf of Archis, in cooperation with Srdjan Jovanović Weiss.