First meeting of the Archis SEE network and public presentations of member initiatives as part of the conference »Operation: City 2008« in Zagreb, Croatia, in December 2008

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Archis Interventions, the not-for-profit branch of Archis (known also for its magazine, Volume), has undertaken to provide cities in need with clues and concepts that can revive the public domain, re-energize its urban spirit, and renew its trust in dialogue as the essence of civic life. Our local partners always play a crucial role in developing any event for the kinds of activities and/or projects that subsequently ensue depend on local circumstances, needs and initiatives. The primary role of Archis Interventions is to facilitate such projects and initiatives.

Archis Interventions is part of the Archis Foundation - a cultural think tank devoted to the process of real-time spatial and cultural reflexivity.

Archis Publishers publishes Volume, a magazine project by Archis, AMO (Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture) and C-Lab, the architectural laboratory of Columbia University.

Lilet Breddels is director of Archis Foundation. Arjen Oosterman is editor-in-chief of Volume. Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer are web editors of

Kai Vöckler is head of the Berlin office of Archis Interventions and program director for South Eastern Europe. Srdjan Jovanović Weiss collaborates with Archis Interventions in establishing a network of local initiatives and associations in the Western Balkans. Thilo Fuchs is a member of Archis Interventions/Berlin and responsible for the design of