First meeting of the Archis SEE network and public presentations of member initiatives at the conference »Operation: City 2008« in Zagreb, Croatia, in December 2008, organised by the Right to the City movement (photo: Tom Medak)

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Can we, by drawing on the experience of different initiatives and associations, draft and collate typical development and qualification strategies for post-conflict situations and/or periods of urban transformation, and apply them to similar urban situations elsewhere?

Archis Interventions has set up a virtual platform to document different approaches to this topic and answer the question with Yes! The web platform – quasi, an open drawing board aka workshop – will serve the Archis Network as a place for hammering out coherent strategies and policy recommendations. The SEE Network specifically invites contributions from other groups throughout the region and looks forward to becoming a broad-based tool for grass-roots debate and action, with both local and international impact.

In the period 2008–2013 Archis Interventions built a strong network of independent urban initiatives and organizations in Southeast Europe—the Archis SEE network. In these five years it managed not only to initiate and carry out numerous projects in cooperation with local initiatives but also to promote debate and exchange between the various network members. Meetings, workshops, conferences and joint activities took place in Nicosia, Chisinau, Zagreb and Bucharest, to name but a few host cities. Given that contact between the different member initiatives and organizations is now well established the website will no longer be updated—but it will remain available online as a virtual archive of the years 2008 to 2013.