Exhibition: »BALKANOLOGY«

_Exhibited at the Swiss Architecture Museum SAM, Basle, Switzerland

New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in South Eastern Europe

SAM – The Swiss Architecture Museum, Basle (04.10. – 28.12.2008)
in cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien/Vienna

Supported by ERSTE Foundation

Curated by Kai Vöckler


In the “Turbo Urbanism” section of the exhibition, four members of the Archis SEE network – Co-PLAN, Tirana; Platforma 9,81, Zagreb; EXPEDITIO, Montenegro and Archis Interventions, Prishtina – were invited to present their work, alongside research projects conducted by Srdjan Jovanović Weiss and Dubravka Sekulić & Ivan Kucina.

»Balkanology« brings together leading architects and urban planners from South Eastern Europe and shows their approaches to fundamental urban transformations. The exhibition illustrates the cultural, social and political dimensions of urban phenomena in the region. The key questions here are, to what extent unregulated, informal urbanism develops new typologies and urban forms, and whether these forms could also emerge under the banner of neo-liberal de-urbanisation in the rest of Europe.

The exhibition presents research projects and concrete interventions, architectural analyses and planning strategies. »Balkanology« deliberately avoids trying to achieve a picture of urban development that would be valid for the whole region. Instead, it uses selected examples from different locations to highlight specific local influences on architecture and urban construction, and thus critically examines the potential for reassessing the scope of urban planning. The Archis SEE network is presented in the exhibition as an ongoing project to assemble different initiatives from the region, for the exchange of knowledge and development of further cooperation. This section of the exhibition shows how initiatives undertaken by architects, planners and urbanists reacted to changes in their respective cities, and how their various concepts and strategies intervened in urban development.