Debates on Tour: NAI - Prishtina

Discussion in Prishtina

Conference Hall, Municipality of Prishtina
Thursday, 25 February 2010, Prishtina

As part of the Debates on Tour series, the Municipality of Prishtina, the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and Archis Interventions organised a debate on participatory planning in Prishtina, which was introduced by the Deputy Mayor, Avdullah Hoti The NAI - represented by its director, Ole Bouman - had invited two experts on citizen participation in planning processes to give presentations: Marcel Musch from BVR Adviseurs Ruimtelijke Ontwikkelin and Wilma Ruis from De Beuk organisatieadvies. The Dutch experts then debated the issue with the general public and a panel composed of representatives of the Municipality of Prishtina, Florina Jerliu, Adviser to the Mayor of Prishtina and Luljeta çeku-Sokoli, Director Dept. UCE, Valdet Osmani, President of the Association of Architects of Kosovo and Senat Haliti, Archiedu Students' Network. Kai Vöckler of Archis Interventions/SEE chaired the debate.