Calea Mosilor - Behind the Concrete Curtain

Workshop in Bucharest

Archis Interventions, Zeppelin and Point 4 in cooperation with Hackenbroich Architekten

The cityscape of Bucharest is dominated by huge, standardized public housing estates, built during the socialist era. The majority of such housing lies along major traffic axes and functions quasi, as 'concrete curtains', blocking the view of all that lies behind it. The traffic axes, full of heavy motorised and pedestrian traffic, function as urban boulevards. Space behind these buildings is generally little used and is rarely directly connected to their front side. If used at all, then without authorization as a parking lot and rubbish dump, or for small private gardens and a few children's playgrounds.

The workshop analysed the different uses made of such space along the Mosilor Boulevard, identified possible new uses, and developed an overall concept for how connections between the 'concrete curtain' structure and the urban fabric behind it might be improved. The urban strategy that ensued identified potential for new developments with regard both to the concrete structure itself and to the area behind it. An activation strategy for the latter is under planning. Further documentation will be published soon.