Archis Interventions in Cyprus

Workshop and Research in Cyprus, May 14-16, 2010

In collaboration with the Urban Research & Development Center (URDC) of Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa/Famagusta

The meeting - which included a site visit to Dip Karpaz/Rizokarpasso and a 2-day workshop in Gazimagusa/Famagusta at the Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus - resulted in us setting up a local informal group that will subsequently take the form of an NGO affiliated to the Archis network. Our aim thereby is to encourage urban projects in Cyprus, which improve the living conditions and the environment for all citizens, create innovative and integrative conditions for the development of Cyprus, seek ways to move beyond the borders imposed by powerful elites, and to weaken the hold of entrenched psychological barriers.

The local informal group, and thus the future NGO, will develop with the support of Archis Interventions two research projects that will underpin future activities:

_ critical research into urban projects developed over the last 36 years, the focus of which was to establish collaborative participation between Cyprus' two communities. The majority of these projects dealt with the spatial implications of the division of the country. They had an urban perspective or were related in some way to the urban fabric ("buffer zone/green line"). Most of them failed or had only partial success. Analysis of their histories would contribute to both international and local political and urban discourse, and help to clarify the NGO's future strategies.

_ research into the situation in Dip Karpaz/Rizokarpasso, a village in North Cyprus inhabited by members of both communities, with the aim of developing future strategic actions and interventions.