Magic Blocks: Redesigning Modernity: Strategies for Socialist Collective Housing in Bucharest, Romania

An Archis Interventions, Zeppelin and Point 4 initiative, in cooperation with Hackenbroich Architekten (Berlin). Centre for Visual Introspection (15.10.–5.11.2010).

The exhibition presents the results of workshops held in 2010, The workshops analysed, different uses of space along the Mosilor Boulevard, identified potential new uses, and developed an overall concept for improving connections between the 'concrete curtain' of housing blocks on the Boulevard and the urban fabric behind it. The urban strategy that ensued proposed development both of the concrete curtain itself and the area behind it. Interventions designed to attract and animate the local public have now been made at five selected points, and are presented in a film screened at the exhibition.

The project is supported by ERSTE Stiftung, the Union of Romanian Architects, the Goethe-Institute Bucharest, the Administration of the National Cultural Fond, the Center for Visual Introspection. The two exhibitions were presented as part of the Bucharest Architecture Biennial. Partner of the Biennial: Roca.