Workshop on Evaluation of the Legalization Process in Prishtina Municipality, Kosovo

November 26, 2010
Archis Interventions in collaboration with the Municipality of Prishtina. Supported by Hackenbroich Architekten.

Over the last few years, the Municipality of Prishtina has worked in cooperation with Archis Interventions to create a comprehensive strategy for dealing with illegal buildings, that is, those built without planning permission and possibly (or even very probably) in contravention of safety regulations. During that time, Archis Interventions and the Municipality of Prishtina drafted a Manual that outlines the minimal technical standards required for legalization as well as some basic recommendations on successful implementation of the legalization process in Prishtina. The Municipality of Prishtina approved the Manual and launched the legalization process in autumn 2010, based on its recommendations. The first phase of the process – the registration of informal buildings – lasts until the end of 2010. During this period, informative meetings/discussions with citizens were organized, their opinion was obtained and considered, and a considerable number of applicants embarked on the legalization process.

The second phase of the legalization process will start in early 2011. In this phase, the task of the Municipality of Prishtina – as recommended by the Manual on Legalization – will be to revise existing regulations, in parallel with drafting new ones. In order to put this part of the process on a firm footing, Archis Interventions in cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina organized another joint workshop, this time on the topic “Prishtina – Dynamic City”, at which the future direction and other relevant points of urban development in the City of Prishtina were debated and formulated.

Given that the legalization process is in its first phase, and that other phases will require an integrated approach to planning, monitoring and documenting legalization, the need arose for this workshop on evaluating the legalization process. The workshop was organized at the request of the Mayor of Prishtina, Prof. Dr. Isa Mustafa. The workshop concentrated on current aspects of the legalization process and reconfirmed future steps in the light of current findings.