Archis SEE Network Divided Cities Project

Hands On Workshop
21 May, 2011, Dipkarpaz/Rizokarpaso, Cyprus

A participatory workshop organized in Dipkarpaz/Rizokarpaso, on May 21, 2011, discussed and evaluated the needs and the potential of the village itself , its inhabitants, and the broader spatial environment. The workshop aimed to bring together all the diverse communities in the village. The municipality of Dipkarpaz and local communities supported the workshop, the first participatory gathering of this type to take place in the village. However, ongoing social and political tensions made it difficult to begin work with all local communities simultaneously. Therefore, the Hands On Workshop on May 21 was focussed initially on the Turkish residents of Dipkarpaz village. The team then arranged small meetings with the Greek population of the village, which are to be continued in the coming weeks, in order to make a better and fairer evaluation of local needs and potential. Besides being the first attempt to bring together all the village communities and thus improve living standards and infrastructure within the settlement, the Hands On Workshop also demonstrated great overall potential for bringing out the capacities of the area, the village itself, and the inhabitants.

The workshop developed a set of strategies and actions - a village map, for example - which will be implemented in the coming months, in cooperation with local residents. A concept for a permanent community centre and a new central site for a village market will also be worked on. A Dipkarpaz Festival, which would draw attention to the village and show off its assets, is also under discussion with officials and citizens.