The Good Cause: Architecture of Peace

Exhibition at the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA), Montreal

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) presents The Good Cause: Architecture of Peace, an exhibition in its Octagonal Gallery examining issues arising from the reconstruction of post-war territories. The Good Cause explores the creation of lasting peace through architecture and planning projects designed to stabilize, humanize, and rebuild cities and territories devastated by armed conflict. The exhibition questions whether reconstruction can be an instrument of peace and conflict prevention, and it highlights the complexities alongside factors of success and failure involved in this process. Conceived by the NAI (Rotterdam) and Archis (Amsterdam) and realised in collaboration with the CCA, the exhibition looks at the production of space in wartime and peacetime and presents case studies of projects undertaken with the participation of architects, planners, and architecture schools in several regions scarred by long-term geopolitical tensions: Afghanistan, Kosovo, South Africa, Rwanda, Israel, and Palestine. The Archis Interventions project in Prishtina which developed strategies on the regulation of formerly illegal construction in Kosovo and fostered improvements in the urban fabric is part of the exhibition.

Curators: Saskia van Stein, Lilet Breddels and Arjen Oosterman

Photo: The Good Cause: Architecture of Peace, installation view at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, 2011 (c) CCA