Children's Workshop: Collecting the Children's Perspectives

Part of the Archis SEE Network Divided Cities Project
Dipkarpaz / Rizokarpaso, Cyprus (05.08.2011)
Archis Interventions Cyprus Initiative

The workshop - part of a broader program of meetings, events and workshops - was organized in cooperation with the local residents, associations and authorities of the village Dip Karpaz / Rizokarpaso, in order to read, learn from and contribute to their and our understanding and usages of space. The children's workshop was organized as one among several attempts to document children's perspectives on current conditions in the village while also providing them with a chance to re-think and evaluate their environment, and social dynamics in the village. Throughout the process they had the chance to discuss with us, among themselves, and with their families the qualities of the physical and social village environment, including cultural interaction among groups of people there. The basic aim of the workshop was to bring together the children of both communities to discuss their viewpoints on the existing qualities of the village and to envision its future. By examining the children's spatial practice within the village, it was possible to identify potential intervention spaces that all members of the society, and the children in particular generally pass by in the course of their everyday routine. Using this strategy, the project aims to identify neutral spaces and the routes taken by the youngest social group in the village, where interaction and cooperation between communities seem to be possible. Photos of the village shot by the children, as well as the drawings they made in order to explain their respective villages will be integrated in a single village map.

This drawing by a 9-year-old Turkish girl visualizes acceptance for the co-existence of the church (kilise) and the mosque (cami).