The 'Magic Blocks' Project

Zeppelin, Hackenbroich Architekten, Archis Interventions

The 'Magic Blocks' project, as presented in the SEE Archis Interventions in South Eastern Europe insert to Volume #26, December 2011 (download on culminated in various strategies, including an urban strategy focused on the 'non-space' behind the prefabricated tower blocks built as public housing in the socialist era along Bucharest's major boulevards. This 'concrete curtain' cuts off the older urban social fabric from main circulation routes. The workshop focused on strategic activation of this zone by proposing a new form of regulation, which would designate the area behind the tower blocks an intervention zone and differentiate it from the older urban fabric, which is a designated protected zone. Stimulating investment in the intervention zone and possibly also permitting a greater density of construction there - office space as well as other building types - would represent an improvement of the semi-public space behind the blocks, and contribute to preservation of the inner-city urban fabric. For this reason, important stakeholders from the municipality such as politicians and also experts from various fields are to be addressed directly. The workshop concentrated on developing this concept for public presentation.