Prishtina Project: Public Debate and Workshop

Archis Interventions, Hackenbroich Architekten
Oct. 28/29, 2011

Archis Interventions initiated and organised a public debate with architects and representatives of the Municipality on the topic of recurrent problems in the legalisation process. About 7000 applications for legalisation are currently being processed, but it remains unclear how many illegally erected buildings have still to be dealt with. Also, more illegal buildings have been erected since the registration phase ended, which calls for a new response from the Municipality. A new, additional problem is that the procedure for obtaining a building permit is still too complicated and extremely slow — in some cases it lasts several years. Furthermore, binding and coherent building legislation has not yet come into force. The overall process — legalisation per se, the enforcement of building regulations and the issue of building permits must therefore be radically reorganized. One outcome of the debate is that Archis Interventions, with the support of Hackenbroich Architekten and students of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Prishtina, will analyse selected sites in order to illustrate problematic aspects of the legalization process as well as potential solutions, and thereby make recommendations on how to improve the legalisation process and speed up the issue of building permits.

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