Meeting in Mitrovica

Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), Center for Civil Society Development (CCSD), Archis Interventions
Oct. 29, 2011

In the framework of the 'Divided Cities' project, a meeting was arranged with Momcilo Arlov (CCSD), Valdete Idrizi and Afërdite Syla (CBM), in order to discuss the situation in Mitrovica and future cooperation. The representatives of the Civil Society Organisations from Mitrovica North ('Serbian') and South ('Albanian') gave a brief insight into their work in recent years, a specific focus of which has been he recently founded Mitrovica Forum. This joint civil platform for representatives of both communities is open both to members of the general public and to members of the city administration. More information about the Forum will be available in a forthcoming Archis SEE Network publication, in spring 2012.