Conference and Workshop at Chisinau, Moldova

February 15+16, 2013

The conference »EE-Lab – Urban Activations« was held at Moldova Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, on Feb. 15. The lectures by Kai Vöckler (Archis Interventions) on »Politics of Architecture – Archis Interventions in South Eastern Europe« and by Cosmina Goagea, Constantin Goagea and ?tefan Ghenciulescu (Zeppelin Association) on »Urban Activation in Romania – Zeppelin Association« were followed by a lively discussion with the audience. There then followed an interview with the local TV station, Moldova 1. The conference was organised by the Oberliht Association. The following day, Jurnal TV, a local TV station, covered Oberliht’s presentation of its recent activities, in the public space in Chisinau. The afternoon workshop was focussed on future collaboration between Oberliht, Chisinau, the Zeppelin Association/Bucharest and Archis Interventions, in the framework of the EE-Lab.