Conference and Workshop in Bucharest

March 12+13, 2013

As part of the EE-Lab program led by Zeppelin Association and Archis Interventions, the Zeppelin Night #46 took place at the Aula Magna of the Central Library, University »Carol I« in Bucharest. The lectures by Eugen P?nescu (Planwerk, Cluj), Nicolae Lascu & Marius Marcu Lapadat (UAUIM – University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu), Kai Vöckler (Archis Interventions) and Vladimir Us (Oberliht, Chi?in?u) focussed on strategies and design projects that have the potential to revitalize public space, and also gave a broad overview of current projects both in the region and in Bucharest. The following day, at a workshop attended by Zeppelin Association, Oberliht and Archis Interventions, an agenda for future collaboration was sketched out.