Prishtina Dynamic City: Exhibition at Kosovo Museum

November 11-30, 2013
Prishtina Dynamic City Knowledge and education: key factors for the future development of the inner city of Prishtina

Archis Interventions_Prishtina (a member of the Archis Network) and Archis Interventions_SEE developed together with Hackenbroich Architects (Berlin) a strategic concept for inner city of Prishtina. The aim is to bring into public discussion the future prospects of Prishtina enabling thus relevant institutions take informed steps towards future urban development. The exhibition displays the key concept by analysing Prishtina’s potential as the capital of Kosovo, and identifies knowledge and education as the key factors for future development. The exhibition presents a preliminary study on the future development of Prishtina developed in cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina and architecture and urbanism experts in late 2009, and forms a basis for discussion and an urban study to be developed in the future. The exhibition has been accompanied by high media attention, both press and TV (see YouTube: EXPRESS - 'PRISHTINA,QYTET DINAMIK').

Memli Krasniqi, Minister of Culture Youth and Sports in conversation with Visar Geci at the opening of the exhibition

A project by Archis Interventions_Prishtina
Authors: Florina Jerliu, Visar Geci and Vlora Navakazi (Archis Interventions_Prishtina), Wilfried Hackenbroich (Hackenbroich Architekten), Kai Vöckler and Thilo Fuchs (Archis Interventions_SEE).