Balkan Reloaded – Lecture + Discussion

January 29, 2014
Architekturzentrum Wien/Vienna (Az W)

Can the insights and experience gained by independent urban initiatives in the cities of Southeast Europe help us identify the development and qualification strategies appropriate to periods of transition and post-conflict situations? A publication covering various attempts by the Archis Interventions network in Southeast Europe to answer this question responds loudly and clearly with "Yes!" Edited by Kai Vöckler, »SEE! Urban Transformation in Southeastern Europe« (ERSTE Foundation Series Vol. 2, Vienna: LIT Verlag 2013) presents articles about local initiatives in the entire region and hopes thus to trigger not only further discussion on urban planning issues but also concrete interventions—the potential for which was explored recently, at a public launch and open forum hosted by the Architekturzentrum Wien/Vienna.

Opening lecture: Kai Vöckler, Archis Interventions

In conversation with:
- Orhan Esen, Istanbul, Arkistan
- Dragan Krstevski, Skopje/London, First Archi Brigade
- Filip Radunovic, ERSTE Stiftung
- Tatjana Rajic, Kotor, EXPEDITIO
- Katharina Ritter, Az W
- Aneta Spaseska, Skopje, First Archi Brigade