Archis SEE Network 2008-2013

In the period 2008–2013 Archis Interventions built a strong network of independent urban initiatives and organizations in Southeast Europe — the Archis SEE Network. In these five years it managed not only to initiate and carry out numerous projects in cooperation with local initiatives but also to promote debate and exchange between the various network members. Meetings, workshops, conferences and joint activities took place in Nicosia, Chisinau, Zagreb and Bucharest, to name but a few host cities. Given that contact between the different member initiatives and organizations is now well established the website will no longer be updated, but it will remain available online as a virtual archive of the years 2008 to 2013.

I personally am delighted to have had the opportunity to get to know so many interesting colleagues and their work during this period, and also very grateful for all the great cooperation and hospitality. On behalf of all network members I also offer most sincere thanks to the ERSTE Foundation, without whose generous support the Archis SEE Network would never have even begun its work.

Kai Vöckler, Archis Interventions