Archis Interventions in Prishtina

Workshop on the qualification of the urban development in Prishtina
Kosova / March 13-15, 2009

In cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina and Co-PLAN

Archis Interventions/Prishtina, together with Archis Interventions/Berlin organized a workshop on illegal construction in Prishtina, with the aim of developing a strategic concept ("Manual"), which would enable institutional reaction on an ongoing process of illegal buildings' treatment.

In addition, the workshop has to reflect its strategy concept how it can be generalized and being also helpful in different circumstances with regard to international discourse on urban issues, as represented by the Archis network.

Results of the workshop - The concept for a "Manual" and recommendations on the legalisation process

The first step in developing an implementation strategy was a workshop, in which experts were brought together to develop a "Manual" that explains the principles (relating to security, infrastructural networks and social aspects, etc.), necessary to improve the present situation. The "Manual" was conceived in cooperation with international and local experts, including representatives of the Municipality, the Institute for Spatial Planning of Kosova, and other official organizations.

The workshop participants developed joint recommendations and strategies on how to act in the near future, and jointly formulated provisions for the "Manual". They consider this to have made an important step towards bringing major policymakers into closer contact and cooperation with regard to the legalization issue. It is planned to implement the strategies in summer 2009, in cooperation with the Municipality.

Supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and ERSTE Foundation