SEE Adriatic coastline

Workshop in Kotor, Montenegro/ July 17-18, 2009

Participating: Analog, Archis Interventions, Co-PLAN, EXPEDITIO, Platforma 9,81, Pula Group

The initial meeting of several architectural initiatives and organizations who are dealing with the spatial transformation of the Adriatic coastline in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania focused on an exchange of information by presenting individual research findings and projects. In addition, the driving forces behind the spatial transformation were discussed and a future collaborative project outlined.

In general the Adriatic coastline is facing extensive urbanization triggered mostly by tourism and this has a problematic impact on natural resources and also on domestic economies. There are a number of very different protagonists in this process: the national governments and local municipalities, foreign investors (mostly in Croatia and Montenegro), and private entities, both local and from other regions of the country.

Main issues

-no alternative to tourism economy is being focused on either by the national or the local politicians and persons responsible. Alternative economies are to be addressed by spatial strategies
-the new spatial metropolitan-rural interaction requires new forms of planning and architecture
-public space is suffering as a result of this development process: how can tourism be made public? How can public access still be guaranteed?
-other forms of »tourism« should be addressed by specific programs, for example »cultural tourism«
-protection of natural resources and cultural heritage


A new image of the region is required, a vision that not only takes the spatial transformation into account, but also develops a perspective beyond the usual strategy of focusing only on tourism. This vision should include the different aspects of a new landscape, the role of culture and the necessity of public participation.

Supported by ERSTE Foundation