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Local and (inter)national cross-disciplinary networks reflecting and responding to the dynamic cultural and geo-political transformations happening around the world, and in particular, in South Eastern Europe and in Bulgaria to broaden our knowledge and understanding in the architecture and urban design; new alliances forming multicultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration redefining how urbanism is perceived, crossing territories historically uncrossed, creating a new framework for rediscovering our professionalism in the years to come. Queries related to infrastructural problems, urban and ecological systems, cultural and regional issues. New spatial/urban typologies emerging from different political, social and ethnic conditions as well as from different regions and territories. Adaptive strategies stimulating multicultural, social, cultural, and economic coexistence. Creating inclusive, sustainable, more culturally diverse, humane cities.


Forming new alliances engaging and unifying people with different cultural and professional backgrounds and experience from academic, private and governmental practices to work together on creating new shared experience and knowledge, which will be the new testing ground for finding new directions and solutions in our field. Exploring, documenting, and designing strategies for coexistence in today's cities by juxtaposing the global perspective with the local perspective and triggering cross-disciplinary, multicultural exchange through, competitions, research projects, workshops, seminars, civic discussions, university courses, publications and exhibits.


NIna Milkova Ilieva
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Sofia, Bulgaria 1504

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