Don’t rape Skopje

Don’t rape Skopje

General Information


We are "First Archi Brigade", an informal group of architecture students and young architects who share the same ideas, generated by the need to express our opinions – both positive and negative – regarding existing and planned architectural and urban projects taking place in our city. Our motivation in forming the group was to take a proactive role in designing today's architectural reality – because we, the future generation of architects in Macedonia, will inherit this architectural heritage. We are committed to raising public awareness of what we believe is, from an architectural and urban perspective, a negative tendency in the city.


Guerrilla actions that will direct public attention to a specific subject; participating in discussions for the city, and promoting architecture and urbanism issues among citizens; using internet possibilities to promote and raise awareness of urban problems; making a creative contribution to workshops that consider situations in the city; internationalizing local problems and bringing them to a higher level; cooperation with different organizations, associations and professionals.

First Archi Brigade/Prva Arhi Brigada