General Information

A network of independent urban initiatives and organisations in South Eastern Europe was launched in 2008 by Kai Vöckler in cooperation with Srdjan Jovanović Weiss – and is still growing. 


In almost all larger cities in South Eastern Europe there exist independent urban initiatives that use their specialist knowledge and experience to defend the interests of civic stakeholders. Such initiatives often work in isolation from one another or have only limited opportunities to participate in international urban discourse on new urban development and planning methods and concepts.    


To network regionally and develop international cooperation projects. To share past experience and transfer relevant knowledge. To strengthen local initiatives by embedding them in supra-regional networks. 


To create a website so as to promote exchange, conferences and workshops. To present relevant issues in exhibitions and the media.

Achievements to date:

The network has been extended to the successor states of former Yugoslavia, and to Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. Conferences have been organised in cooperation with local partner organisations in Basel, Bucharest and Vienna. A cooperative project with five initiatives based respectively in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania has been launched, which aims to support sustainable spatial development in the Eastern Adria coastal region. Professionals from throughout the region have been involved in a local project in Bucharest. The initiatives' work has been presented in international exhibitions, at conferences, and in local and international media.

Supported by ERSTE Foundation.