General Information

Archis Interventions and Kosavarian architects and town planners began their cooperation in Prishtina in 2005 by co-founding a local NGO. 


Following deployment of KFOR-Troops in Kosovo in 1999, a boom in unregulated construction set in and the population of Prishtina tripled within a very short time.  Indeed, it was impossible to obtain a building permit at all until 2006. Such illegal building activity ultimately destroyed large areas of the city – some 75 per cent of its original urban structure was deformed. Amateur building ventures have given rise to considerable public safety issues and social conflict. In addition, they have radically limited access to what were previously public spaces, and seriously overtaxed the already inadequate urban infrastructure and public amenities. 


To develop a legalisation concept for those buildings erected illegally since 1999, and an urban development concept that will bring urban development in line with adequate standards. To formulate a pilot project. 


To analyse present structures in the city and develop solutions to current problems. To formulate a communications strategy and thereby involve various local media, as a means to foster public debate and mobilise local policymakers. To develop an implementation strategy in cooperation with the local administration and politicians. 

Achievements to date (July 2010):

Following a public debate held in Prishtina, urban development became the crucial issue in the run-up to mayoral elections. The legalisation concept formulated in cooperation with the city administration laid the groundwork for a resolution on legalisation taken by the Municipality of Prishtina (City Council) in July 2009, and provoked public debate and positive media feedback. A TV series dealing with legalisation issues will be launched at the same time as the new legislation. An urban vision was drafted. Local professionals and politicians were encouraged to participate in public discussions. The issue was integrated in international urban discourse.  


Municipality of Prishtina 


Hackenbroich Architekten (Berlin), Co-PLAN (Tirana)


The project is supported by ERSTE Foundation. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) supported the workshops.

Books & Magazines:

Prishtina is Everywhere
Volume #11